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Jun 29 Sat

Kash’d Out

with special guest Dale and the Zdubs

Door 7:00PM | Show 8:00PM | $20.00 in advance | $23.00 day of show

Florida based Reggae/Rock band Kash’d Out have been hustlin’ hard since the beginning. After founders Greg Shields (lead vocals) and Jackson Hauserman (guitar) met in a studio session, it wasn’t long before Kash’d Out’s clever lyrics and tasteful guitar riffs were complimented by the unique bass lines of Joey Brohawn, and rhythmic precision of drummer Marshall Hearne. Kash’d Out quickly caught the attention of Hawaiian favorites Pepper, who signed the band to their label LAW Records and released “The Hookup” – Kash’d Out’s first full-length album. Prior to its release, KO hit the road with Pepper and Less Than Jake, which helped the album climb the Billboard Reggae Charts. Since then, Kash’d Out has been no stranger to the open road. Storming the nation with an abundance of full U.S. tours under their belt, KO has supported genre heavyweights such as Collie Buddz, The Expendables, Iration and headlined multiple US tours of their own. The band’s drive and passion has landed them in the line up of Reggae’s most esteemed festivals such as Reggae Rise Up Florida/Utah/Maryland, California Roots, Dry Diggings and One Love. Kash’d Out’s most recent album, “Butter” displays their diversity and mission into their own music path. The band has remained steadfast to originality, yet continues to evolve, revealing different sides to their sound. Kash’d Out is excited to continue touring the country with a high-energy show and a genuine love for sharing the music they’ve made with anyone and everyone! (this is a standing event)

Jul 27 Sat

Pretty Darn Launch Party

"Rejuvenate" Album Launch Party

Door 7:00PM | Show 8:00PM | $25.00 in advance and day of show

Pretty Darn's third studio album, "Rejuvenate", is set to be released July 27th, 2024. It was recorded in May of 2023 at Out There Studios in Marshall, NC. Luke Mitchell, the studio's owner and frontman for longtime Charleston rock group, The High Divers, engineered for the band and helped contribute to the raw and natural tones of the record. The writing and arrangements of the eight songs were a true team effort from Nick Poulin, Kyle Wareham, Matt Robbins, and Jared Templeton. Roughly a year after their first show together, Pretty Darn released a self-titled debut album in April of 2017. From Hilton Head, SC, the duo covers a range of genres (Pop, Folk, Reggae) while balancing two lead vocals from singers and multi-instrumentalists Kyle Wareham & Nick Poulin. The eight song follow-up album "Brothers" came soon after in 2018, and the group has since released a collection of live acoustic performances and their latest single, "Casual". Along the way, Matt Robbins and Nate Douglas have filled the band out on bass guitar and drums. (this is a standing event)

Aug 30 Fri

Brett Dennen

Golden State of Mind Tour

Door 7:00PM | Show 8:00PM | $20.00 in advance | $25.00 day of show

Brett Dennen, a Northern California native, has been captivating audiences for nearly two decades with his distinct blend of folk-pop melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and soulful vocal prowess. His signature red hair and lanky frame are as unmistakable as the music that has earned him legions of dedicated fans and critical acclaim. Dennen's musical journey began in earnest at Camp Jack Hazard, a summer camp where he first discovered his love for singing and songwriting. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, and Joni Mitchell, Dennen crafted his own unique style that reflects his passion for storytelling and social commentary. Each one of his records has showcased his evolution as an artist, with a growing mastery of his craft and the ability to convey complex emotions through his songwriting. With a successful string of albums and several Top Ten AAA singles like “Make You Crazy,” “Wild Child,” and 2018’s “Already Gone.” His single “See The World,” off the album of the same name, reaching Top Five on the AAA charts, Dennen has cemented himself as a fixture in American pop/folk music. Dennen's live performances are characterized by his infectious energy and charisma, with each show a heartfelt expression of his love for music and connection with his audience. His insightful lyrics often touch on themes of love, nature, and social justice, resonating with fans who appreciate the genuine emotion and thoughtfulness behind his art. With his undeniable talent, magnetic stage presence, and unwavering dedication to his craft, Brett Dennen has carved out a unique niche for himself in the world of singer-songwriters. As he continues to evolve as an artist, fans and critics alike eagerly await the next chapter in this remarkable musician's storied career. (this is a standing event)

Sep 15 Sun

David J

Boots to the Club Tour

Door 7:00PM | Show 8:00PM | $17.00 in advance | $20.00 day of show

A fresh new country artist, who is a New York native, David J is a Nashville-transplant, who is already making waves in the music industry at just eighteen years old. The Rotterdam native became attracted to music at the tender age of thirteen. after watching the Justin Bieber movie one day, so that whole summer when he was thirteen, he taught himself to sing and play guitar. What started at first as a hobby, music soon became a passion for the young entertainer. “I fell in love with music, while trying to do what he was doing. It was a big inspiration for me,” stated David J. With access to so many different musical genres, the singer-songwriter found inspiration that runs the gamut. He was listening to country for sure that was definitely thrown in there, but would get rock music, pop and rap from friends. Currently, David J shares a liking to artists like HARDY, Lewis Capaldi, Morgan Wallen, and old Chris Brown. Soon thereafter,he started to post videos on social media, blossoming into the artist he is now. (this is a standing event.)

Oct 03 Thu

Town Mountain

In Collaboration with the Savannah Music Festival

Door 7:00PM | Show 8:00PM | $25.00 in advance | $30.00 day of show

Raw, soulful, and with plenty of swagger, Town Mountain has earned raves for their hard-driving sound, their in-house songwriting and the honky-tonk edge that permeates their exhilarating live performances, whether in a packed club or at a sold-out festival. The hearty base of Town Mountain's music is the first and second generation of bluegrass spiced with country, old school rock ‘n’ roll, and boogie-woogie. It's what else goes into the mix that brings it all to life both on stage and on record and reflects the group's wide-ranging influences – from the Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia and the ethereal lyrics of Robert Hunter, to the honest, vintage country of Willie, Waylon, and Merle. The Rolling Stone says “Call it an evolution or a revolution but its clear that Town Mountain is at the forefront.” Town Mountain features guitarist and vocalist Robert Greer, mandolinist Phil Barker, fiddler Bobby Britt, and Zach Smith on bass. Town Mountain's album New Freedom Blues (October 2018) is their second consecutive album to debut in the top 10 on the Billboard Bluegrass Chart, and receive multiple mentions by Rolling Stone, No Depression, Music Mecca, and more. Full of new material and featuring several guest artists including Tyler Childers and Miles Miller (Sturgill Simpson, drummer), they prove they have staying power by regularly cranking out authentic hit albums. The impression the band has made on fans is clear through their engagement at top tier festival appearances, and those sweet Spotify streams (30+ million). And if you still can’t get enough of this hard working group, you can look forward to new music in 2022. (this is a seated event)

Nov 02 Sat

William Clark Green

Whole Lotta Lubbock Tour

Door 7:00PM | Show 8:00PM | $20.00 in advance | $25.00 day of show

In the proudly independent Texas-country scene, it’s not easy to separate yourself – or toevolve once you have. But for almost 15 years, William Clark Green has done both with a nod to his home state itself, both rooted in the past and barreling toward the future. Boasting sandpaper vocals and country-rock sound at the crossroads of back-alley grit and gravel-road grace, the Flint, Texas, native emerged like many others before – sauntering out from Lubbock’s live music loving college-bar scene. But he has since carved a space that is uniquely his own. Pairing singer-songwriter tradition with a progressive musical mindset, he’s both a troubadour of troubled souls and maestro to lyrical mischief, renowned for underdog anthems filled with sardonic wit, vivid characters and even historical curiosity. Over five previous albums, multiple Number Ones on Texas Regional Radio have joined iTunes Country Album chart toppers, the respect of critics and peers and a vibrant touring profile anchored on Texas’ biggest stages. But even after so much success, two years of treading water left Green looking to get beyond his comfort zone. Returning with Baker Hotel, his sixth studio album and first in almost four years, Green goes after that new-ness with an open mind, and the thoughtful approach of roots-rock poet. Elsewhere, however, Green’s not working off any playbook at all. Recording freshly written songs, sometimes penned just the day before, Green and his team felt free to roam. Some of his most challenging vocal performances are joined by in-the-moment arrangements, including craggy country rockers drenched in steel guitar, barstool ballads and two-steppers built for packed venues all across the nation – plus orchestral strings and the fat-bottomed bass lines of daydreamy plains pop.No, it’s no small feat to grow while staying true to who you are … and for a proud Texan, true to where you’ve been. But if the last year-plus has taught him anything, it’s that the future is uncertain – so live fearlessly and blaze new trails while you can. (this is a standing event)

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