Mix It Up at the Moon Mixology Class

Plant Riverside District's Electric Moon Skytop Lounge offers monthly interactive mixology classes as part of the Mix It Up at the Moon series. Featuring master mixologists and brand ambassadors from around the globe, Mix It Up at the Moon showcases a rotating series of experts throughout the year. At each event, guests learn how to make two signature cocktails as well as signature dishes from the culinary team at Electric Moon. The June Mix It Up at the Moon class will offer the opportunity to mix cocktails crafted with Fernet-Branca and Caffè Borghetti, part of a classic Italian Tradition.

Caffè Borghetti, crafted from Ugo Borghetti’s original 1860 recipe, is the true espresso coffee liqueur. It was originally made to celebrate the inauguration of the famous Italian Pescara-Ancona railway line. Aromatic, with a sweet, soft, enveloping taste, Caffè Borghetti has a rich and intense aroma and a pleasant aftertaste of espresso coffee, capable of conquering on every occasion. The product reflects the Italian traditions that have become the hallmark of our culture.

Fernet-Branca has maintained its personality and originality since its creation in 1845. The secret formula, handed down from generation to generation, includes 27 herbs, spices, and roots found across four continents. Rhubarb from China, Genziana from France, Galanga from India and Sri Lanka, Camomilla from Europe and Argentina, to name a few.

Ticket Price: $40.00

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