The Ultimate Dinosaur Adventure

Think Indiana Jones meets Dora the Explorer! Part action story, part one-of-a-kind history lesson, traveling back 150 million years with our guide, Dusty the Dinosaur Ranger! It’s available every Saturday at 10:45am & 1pm and Sundays at 1pm.

Dusty will mix games, music & fun with loads of science & history — and brings it all to life as we go on an adventure through the dinosaurs which are hidden through out the Generator Hall. Dusty will start the adventure with a catchy, original theme song, let the kids dig for fossils, explore what kinds of foods Dinosaurs eat, and tour the world class Amphicoelias Fragillimus skeleton while roaring like raptors as we take their imaginations to new heights!!

$40 per child. Tickets purchased through the front desk
To make reservations, Please call 912-373-9100.

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